Heritage Fair

Join us for the 2020 Delta/Surrey Heritage Fair!

IMG_0054The Delta/Surrey Regional Heritage Fair is an exciting event where students research and present history project displays and learn about Canadian history through interactive workshops and field trips. The sixth Delta/Surrey Regional Heritage Fair will be held May 8&9, 2020 at the Harris Barn in Ladner.

What is Heritage Fair?
A heritage fair is a bilingual showcase of history projects created by elementary and secondary students. Students create their projects on some aspect of Canadian history and present their projects to other students, adults and the general public.

The student chooses and researches a topic of interest to him/her. This can be a local historical figure, an event of national significance, or anything in between. The student then presents what s/he has learned in a creative and unique project display.

A heritage fair is designed to bring students, schools, and community members together in a celebration of Canada’s unique culture and heritage. It operates on three different levels:

1. School Heritage Fair
In early spring, students showcase their project displays in the School Heritage Fair. Other classes, parents and administrators are invited to visit and interview students about their research.

At the end of the Fair, the teacher selects projects to represent the school at the Regional Heritage Fair.

2. Regional Heritage Fair
Projects from across Delta and Surrey are showcased at the Delta/Surrey Regional Heritage Fair. Students who created these projects are invited to participate in a two-day program of heritage activities. At the end of the Fair, outstanding projects are presented with special awards and the judges and Fair coordinators short-list projects for the Provincial Heritage Fair.

Student Fair Day – Friday, May 8, 2020 
A full-day program of field trips, workshops, and other activities for students. Students will be  interviewed about their research by a pair of judges.

Public Fair Day – Saturday, May 9, 2020
The Fair is open to students, family members, friends, and the public. Family-friendly activities are scheduled throughout the day, which culminates in a Closing Awards Ceremony attended by special VIP guests.

3. Provincial Heritage Fair
In July, outstanding projects from across BC are showcased at the Provincial Heritage Fair, which takes place in a different city in BC each year. Those students who created these projects are invited to participate in a 5-day “heritage camp”.

More information about the Provincial Fair: http://www.bcheritagefairs.ca/