2018 Delta/Surrey Heritage Fair Teacher’s Guide
The 2018 Teacher’s Guide includes information about the Heritage Fair, tips and timelines for doing Heritage Fair projects, student worksheets, and Heritage Fair forms.

Delta/Surrey Student Resources Page
Our student page has a list of places to access primary source information as well as useful websites for student research and project planning.

BC Heritage Fairs Society Resource Pages
BC Heritage Fairs Society’s Teacher Resources page has a number of useful resources for Heritage Fair teachers. Their Student Resource pages offer an easy to understand step-by-step guide and helpful resources to assist students.

7 Steps to a Powerful Heritage Fair Project
Developed by the BC Heritage Fair Society, the Seven Steps is a teacher’s guide to the pedagogy of Heritage Fairs and inquiry-based learning in general. It offers suggestions for how to help students choose and refine a topic of personal and historical significance, dig deeply and critically into that topic, connect their findings with broader themes, and creatively share their conclusions in a public forum.

Primary Versus Secondary Sources
A Powerpoint presentation from the Museum of Surrey can be used when introducing primary sources to your class.

Thinking About History
Developed by the Critical Thinking Consortium and BC Heritage Fairs Society, these resources include tools to support historical inquiry and ways to enrich Heritage Fair projects with Historical Thinking Concepts. Click on the “Doing History” tab for fair-specific tools.

Delta Museum Teaching Kits
All our teaching kits provide primary source materials for students to investigate and a teacher’s guide with lesson plans. These kits can be used as a great jumping-off point for evidence-based Heritage Fair projects.

Tools for Generating Questions
Designed for the “My Seasonal Round” integrated unit by Open School BC, this resource offers some great suggestions and tools for helping students develop inquiry questions for their Heritage Fair research.

Manitoba Heritage Fair Exhibit Guide
This guide, developed for Manitoba Heritage Fairs, has some great tips on helping students create their heritage fair projects.

Richmond Heritage Fair Topic Lists
Developed by the Richmond Heritage Fair, these lists provide topic suggestions for grades 4-10 based on big ideas from the new BC Curriculum. Each topic suggestion includes student-friendly book or website recommendations.

Planning a School Fair
Developed by the Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, Planning a School Fair offers some practical tips for organizing your own school or class Heritage Fair.

Delta Archives
The Archives collections hold a number of documents and photos that could be useful to your students. Their resource library and reference files provide a number of student-friendly resources for topics relating to Delta. Archives staff are happy to help students find resources for their projects.

Surrey Archives & Museums Online Access (SAMOA)
Search the City of Surrey’s Archives and Museum collections online. Surrey Archives staff is also available in person to help with research, as not all historical documents are found online.

Archives around BC and Canada
Encourage your students to use primary source material as much as possible. Library and Archives Canada and the BC Archives are great starting-points. Memory BC is another great resource that allows you to search archives across the province. Visit our Student Resources page for a more complete list of libraries, archives, and museums.

Heritage Fair Presentations
Your Fair Coordinator is available to come talk to your class about Heritage Fair and their Heritage Fair topics. This can be a great introduction to the Heritage Fair program. Contact your Fair Coordinator to book a presentation.