Tips & FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
The Delta/Surrey Heritage Fair is open to students from Delta and Surrey. We accept students in all grades but only students in grades 4-10 are eligible for the Provincial Fair and Provincial and National awards. Home-school families are welcome.

Who organizes the fair?
The Delta/Surrey Heritage Fair is organized by the City of Delta.

Where do I get those project display boards?
Your local dollar store or teacher supply store should have them. They are also available at Staples (Click Here for Link).

Do I need to be there with my students for Project Set-up on Thursday?
No. However, some teachers prefer to bring all of their students’ display boards themselves instead of having the students come individually to set-up. If you are not coming on Thursday, make sure that students who are unavailable that evening arrange for another student to set up their project display.

If only a few of my students are selected for the Regional Fair, how do I split myself between them and the rest of my class?
Many teachers choose to accompany their Heritage Fair students and ask for a TOC to cover the rest of their class. This TOC can even bring the class to visit the Regional Fair.

If getting a TOC is not an option, another member of staff may be able to accompany the students to the Heritage Fair. Students are often accompanied by support staff, including Teacher Librarians, who may be able to adjust their schedules more easily. If several classes are participating, one teacher can attend while his or her students join other participating classes for the day. Parent volunteers can also provide additional supervision.

If you are not able to attend the Heritage Fair with selected students, you can arrange a visit with the rest of your class.

Do you have a question? Please contact your Fair Coordinator.

Tips from the Heritage Fair Office:

  • Plan your school fair well in advance of the Regional Fair. This gives your students enough time to return their permission forms and make any last-minute adjustments to their projects before the fair. Also, returning your forms in early gives your students priority for things like access to electricity.
  • Encourage your students to choose topics relating to BC history, especially Delta’s history.
  • Take a look at our Rubric and use it to grade your students’ projects. This will give them a better idea of what to expect when they come to the Regional Fair.
  • Combine your school or class Heritage Fair with your Science Fair program to create a Learning Fair that celebrates all kinds of research instead of competing for school space, support etc.

Tips from Previous Heritage Fair Teachers:

  • Ask students to write a letter that explains why they deserve to attend Heritage Fair and confirm that no sport practices, dance recitals, etc. will conflict with their ability to participate in all aspects of the Fair, including Thursday’s project set-up, Saturday’s Closing Ceremony, and July’s Provincial Fair.
  • Ask students to interview family about their immigration or family history stories, then draw Heritage Fair project topics from it. Students are much more engaged and committed to research if there is a personal connection. For example, students have found connections to the Komagata Maru, the Underground Railroad, and even local newspapers!
  • Introduce Heritage Fair after winter break and set the deadline before Spring Break so students (or their parents!) do not feel pressured to work on it during their breaks.
  • Recycle project boards from previous years or purchase in bulk. Ask the school PAC to fundraise for project boards.
  • Ask all students to complete Student Registration Form with a note that explains that not all will actually attend Heritage Fair. This helps ensure that registration forms are submitted on time!
  • At the Class Fair, give the Fair Coordinator your top five project recommendations so s/he can advise you on your choices.